Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dude, dont f*** with my children

My roof was leaking. My boss, Libby, gave me the name and number of a handiman who is honest and works hard and is reasonably priced. I called him and hired him for the roof leaks. That was a year ago. Now I call him whenever some other little handiman job comes up and I can find a few bucks to pay him.

Well, one night after he painted a bedroom, we went to Miss Myra's BBQ place down the street for a sandwich. Nothing romantic, I assure you. we went "dutch", but Libby teases me incessantly about it. Just in fun, mind you... but I'm thinking this dude also thinks there may be something more down the road. But that's another story...

Anyway, yesterday he came over and worked a bit on replacing some wood on the eaves. Aaron's friend, Beagle, came over and Dude latched onto him and told him to get on that other ladder and help hold the wood up. After that was finished, he told him to get a rake and start cleaning out around the house where old roofing tile had fallen. Well, Beagle isn't a handiman. He's a drummer, for Pete's sake. It was a humid 103 degrees in the shade. After about 45 minutes, Beagle had to come inside and get a drink of water and cool off. Said he felt faint. (so did I).

Well, after Beagle left, Dude had all these derogatory comments about Beagle (who might as well be one of my children). "He's 30 years old. He oughta be in better shape." "I think he wimped out on me." "He needs to work out. He can't work 5 minutes."

I was very irritated. "He's a drummer, not a yardman," I said. "He is a skilled musician, not a weight lifter," I said.

Dude copped an attitude with me. "Well, at his age he could at least work out. Get in better shape."

"He doesn't need to. He doesn't play the drums on top of a ladder in 100 degree weather. It's NOT WHAT HE DOES!"

I'm not sure I'm having Dude back. I'm not paying him to have him insult my children, especially after he practically forced Beagle to work anyway. Beagle was there to burn a CD.

Is this mother henism?

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